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Programs in our Archives

Programs in our archives are freeware, there is no charge for their use.

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 Basic Programs You May Need (from elsewhere)

WinZip - You will need this to 'unzip' or decompress stuff you download from the Internet. WinZip is 'nagware', it will nag you to register after a while, it's popular though. Here's a freeware zip tool that's pretty good Zlib98 it works great with lots of the Internet file formats.

Wintune 98 - System performance test, lets you get the best out of your system. Detects common Win config problems. From Windows Mag.

TweakAll - Win 95/98 Tweaking utility. A very good Control Panel Program that allows you to improve system performance.

Free Norton AntiVirus Scanner! - FTP Site 1 or Find it on other FTP sites you need to update the virus definition file for it, 04/16/99 update get it here - Free scanner was released March 4 through March 8 1999, and still works OK. It's a full Win 9x Ap!Read more here

PGPfreeware - Get PGP for privacy, it's free and it works great! Secure files, e-mail and other stuff, check this out!

Find Other Utilities: - This is a great site for all sorts of freeware utilities you may need.

Kent's Freeware Site - He says, "Softwares that STOP functioning in time or with EXCESSIVE nag screens will be taken off from this page", good utilities.

Freeware Web - Searching for freeware utilities.


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