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Programmer's Area

Here's some code, have fun!

This source code was either written or modified by us.

Project Source Code in C

We have been programming for many years now, and have some routines that may be useful to others that program in C for a microcontroller. These were for a 68HC11, but may be useful for other micros (like PIC). When you think about it, the only things that were microprocessor dependant were the serial I/O and the way I talked to the ports. Files include stuff for ROBOTICS, a IDE hard drive tester, PWM routines and a MONITOR program that reads Motorola S records into memory and should work with any board, the routines are as generic C as possible, so they should work on other processors as well. I now program PIC's mostly for small stuff, and PC's for larger stuff. Some of these routines will still come in handy! Click to download the ZIP file (about 35K) full of interesting C source code.


PIC Serial I/O Routine Set

These are 'bit banging' serial rouines using any two I/O ports, these are stand alone routines, and are IMPROVED from those you see in the 'ap notes' (the 'ap note' one was error prone). I needed something to talk at 2400, to get some simple data out. It's all in machine language, but you should be able to patch this into C code. It tests the serial routines also. The code is HEAVILY COMMENTED, so you can see how it all works. Right click on the link and say 'save as'.


PIC Serial to HEX Digital Output

The same 'bit banging' routines as above, but when something comes in serial, this transmits the result back in HEX! I needed this to monitor the output of my device, since I wasn't sending 'human' readable codes out (status of the device used BITS set / reset). The code is HEAVILY COMMENTED, so you can see how it all works.

USES: You could use this to turn things on and off via the PIC's I/O ports with data sent via the COM PORT on a PC. Add more outputs to your project, use one port of your micro to send to a PIC (bit bang style) and the PIC's 8 bit port is yours! You can build something that logs data till you 'connect' with your PC, then it sends it all to you!

Our PIC File Archive

Here's some miscellaneous PIC related projects and files from other people.

If you are a robotics type, make sure you check out Roger's Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page.

The files below are related in some way to David Tait's PIC16C84 programmer for IBM compatible PCs (see and David's page was said to be going down, so I put them on this server so they won't get lost. Here's a link to David Tait's PIC links page if it's still up.

Links to Other Source Code Pages

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