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From: Shirley on 02/17/2001
I have installed and uninstalled WorksSuite 2000 3times. I am still getting this same problem when I go to open a new or existing Word doc. What do I need to do? Here is the details of the error.
First Aid Crash Protector Problem Report - Friday, February 16, 2001 8:33:17 PM

Fault Description
"Access Violation" fault in module WINWORD.EXE
at 0167:303E4FBD.

EAX=00000028 CS=0167 EIP=303E4FBD EFLGS=00010206
EBX=0209648C SS=016F ESP=0062E560 EBP=0062E580
ECX=006A6F9C DS=016F ESI=0062E59C FS=36EF
EDX=000002F4 ES=016F EDI=0062E5B8 GS=3776

Bytes at CS:EIP
8B 08 83 79 14 00 0F 85 F2 AE E4 FF 6A 00 50 E8

Stack Dump
0062E560: 0069263C 0062E59C 00000002 0062E5D4
0062E570: 00000000 0062E5F4 303192AD 0062E59C
0062E580: 0062E5F4 303192EE 0062E5B8 0209648C
0062E590: 00000000 00D84E14 00D84D8C 30267290

Running Programs

Free USER Memory : 75%
Free GDI Memory : 85%
Memory Utilization : 100%
Total Physical Memory : 64 MB
Available Physical Memory : 0 MB
Total Page File : 1,984 MB
Available Page File : 1,926 MB
Total Virtual Memory : 2,044 MB
Available Virtual Memory : 2,028 MB

A: - Removable
C: - Fixed, 2,047 MB Total, 2,047 MB Free
E: - Removable
Thanks to whomever keeps me from using MS disc for clay pigeons. Shirley


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From: outletconverse on 03/01/2010
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From: diyfootwear on 03/01/2010
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From: shoetimberland on 03/01/2010
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From: bootsness on 03/01/2010
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From: shoedhardy on 03/01/2010
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From: hardysale on 03/01/2010
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From: Shirley on 02/20/2001
Ok, I finally got hold of Microsoft Help. Here is the solution...and it works!:-)
First thing....Uninstall....through the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Be sure you have your install disc in.
remove disk and restart.
When windows is up, do a cntrl alt del which will bring up the Close Program window. All that should be running is Explorer and Systray. Close all others. You will have to do a Cntrl Alt Del between each.
Then insert your install disc and proceed with the installation.
If you are installing Word as a Works Suite Add In and you still get the crash, then you will have to go to Control Panel and remove the Word in Works add in. Be sure install disc is in drive. Then go to Windows Explorer and open the Disc folder the install disc is in. Double Click Word Add and then setup...let it install from that point.
It is wonderful to have the whole thing back and working :-) Good luck!


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