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Original Problem Posted by: Arhax on 01/16/2002
Hi folks

I have the following problem with one of my computers and any kind of help is highly appreciated ;):

General problem:
I try to connect a Win98 notebook to my cable modem which is working fine with my Win95 desktop. It looks like the notebook gets an ip adress from the provider but no working tcpip protocol can be established.

In the LAN options (internet setting of the control pannel) there is the auto-detection box and the use proxy server box enabled BUT is greyed out means I cannot access and/or change it. Additional to that I tried to use the 'internet installation wizzard' to reconfigure the internet settings but I got an error message like "access denied; please contact your network administrator" which looks very strange to me... Also when I start the Internet Explorer it first looks for a proxy server (like configured in the LAN settings) and cannot find it... Finally the systems gets a strange ip adress which is not fitting the range of ip adresses I normally get via 'automatically obtain an ip adress' from my provider...

My 'wild guess':
The internet settings 'overwrite' the correct network (network card & tcpip protocol) settings and try to use the 'unchangeable' internet/LAN-settings...

-> generals ideas what is wrong?
-> if you would confirm my 'wild guess' what can I do, to access the internet settings again (what to do to 'ungrey' the LAN settings... could be linked to the user management?)

Any help is highly appreciated ;) !!!



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