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Original Problem Posted by: Austen on 10/17/2002
With a NEW 80GB hard disk, BIOS upgrade and new copy of Windows XP everything installed and ran fine.

UNTIL... I put in my last new piece of hardware... a Geforce 4 from Creative labs.

On booting I got "NTLDR missing". (ON INSERTING A GRAPHICS CARD???!!!).
Put back my old card and everything works fine.

Put my old hard disk in with win98 and the the NEW graphics card works fine.

I've tried re-installing XP with the geforce4 in but it gives "NTLDR missing" on rebooting DURING the installation.

Booting from the XP CD and using recover doesn't make any difference.

I made a boot disk which works ok with my old graphics card, put in the new one and i get HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt.

Can anyone help me to solve this?


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