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Original Problem Posted by: boa706 on 05/27/2008
I have a toshiba a105 - s2101 system unit.
At first .when i cut it off it take about 15 times cuttin it off and on before it will start up .
once i got it running the screen comes up
window could not start because the file c:window root>\system32\hal.dll is missing or courpt . please reinstall a copy.
Once i turned it off and back on numerious times.
when the toshiba start up screen came up .i hit f2 and made sure the boot menu was on boot from disk ..
I restarted again numerious time .once is started again i hit "f12"
When the "boot menu" came up i selected and put in the disk "toshiba recovery and applications /drivers dvd ..satellite a100/a105 serious and hit enter.
Now.i got a black screen thats marks "loading RAMDISK image
after that it please wait..
It displays "toshiba recovery wizard
I clicked :
Recover of factory default software
recover to out-of-state box
now it is recovering
but all of a sudden about 5 minutes into it i get a message displayed
[error f3fe 000001]
crc check ng
ok to turn off computer.
I just retryed and at the same point into the process i got a blue screen that states
a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage

what do i need to do
how can i reinstall the missing file ?
and/or is my hard drive gone ?

email me with any questions on what else it is doing.
or with any help ..


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