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Original Problem Posted by: matt on 04/12/2007
I run windows XP, Athlon proc. Self built. Ran fine for 4 years. I was playing a game I had played thousands of times before and it froze. When it restarted I just get errors.

So far I've gotten:
a disk read error occured,
PXE-E61: Media failure, and
Error loading operating system
is all I get now.

In that order. And I didnt really change anything. My bios seems to be fine. My boot priority is set properly. I havn't installed any new programs or hardware recently. I plan on booting from windows disk and running repair, but so far I havnt been able to find the disc. Oh I tried a new IDE cord as well.

ach, please dont tell me my hard disc is fried.

thanks in advance


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