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Original Problem Posted by: Michelle on 07/06/2004
Help! I am having trouble logging onto aim. When I go to sign on, I can't get past the second step, verifying name and password. I have the most current version of aim installed on my computer. I have no trouble with any other internet services. I have run my different types of virus programs (both internet services and norton anti-virus) and haven't found any viruses. The thing that stumps me the most is that this is true for all the computers connected to my home wireless network, but no other problem is found with all the computers. I have also tried to fix the problem by running and installing hijack this. I also have tried using the auto-configure feature of aim, but this also did not work.

I know this is a really odd problem and maybe no one has heard of such a thing, but I figured I'd give it a shot and post it here! Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated! :-)


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