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Original Problem Posted by: Brian on 03/16/2004
My problem is since i installed the FX5900, my PC is being powered off completely whenever i play any 3D game for a few minutes, i've turned down the settings from enhanced to safe mode with gainwards expert tool, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference, i never had this problem with my FX5600, i contacted gainward and they suggested it was my PSU at fault, so i changed it, i originally had a generic 400 watt PSU, (now i have a 550watt) however this has not made any difference whatsoever, and it's getting really frustrating, any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, thanks. I have an Intel P4 2.533ghz cpu, Intel 845EPro mobo, 2x512mb pc3200 ddr, 4x120gb Maxtor HDD's, 1x160gb Maxtor HDD, all with 8mb cache, Liteon DVD-rom, Sony DRU500A DVD+/-RW, Soundblaster Audigy, and Gainward Geforce FX5900 Ultra/XP VIVO 128mb, Q-Tec 550watt Dual Fan Gold PSU.

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