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Original Problem Posted by: Aaron on 02/15/2004
HI, I'm in need of help! My computer is on the fritz! Ever program I install on this computer dissappears like it wasn't installed after i restart the computer. It keeps going back to like one certain date everytime it restarts. I know i have some viruses on my computer, but when i installed a new virus scanner program to remove them, the program dissapears because it requires me to restart after installing. I was wondering if there is something that I can do to correct this problem so i don't have to take my computer in and have to pay a arm an a leg! I can't even do a system restore on my computer cause a file is missing! I have windows Xp, but even the system restore program has dissapeared from my computer. I cant reset my settings back to an eariler date. Can anyone HELP!!

Aaron Email me Please anyone with a solution at


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