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Original Problem Posted by: Ann on 01/04/2004
Hi People & happy new year!

Ok. This is me: Windows XP, 600AMD Athlon,128 Ram, IE6, AOL7... I'm new to this, so I don't know if there's anything else you need...

My McAfee Firewall 4 won't allow me to access the Web thru my usual AOL dial up unless I disable the firewall! I followed all instructions, even the one's on McAfee's website but still no joy!

McAfee doesn't promt me for what it should do if a programme tries to access the web - it simply blocks everything! The only way I can access the web is to disable McAfee by "allowing all" traffick rather than "filtering all" traffick. The Read Me file talks of McAfee 'learning' how each programme accesses the web & configures itself accordingly. Mine has never given any indication of doing so!

Can anyone help or should I just go back to ZoneAlarm!



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