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Original Problem Posted by: Micael on 12/09/2003
This started from the beginning of my computers life, in spring this year I bought this computer by parts and when I tried to boot the first time and install windows it crashed with different bluescreens all the time at different places in the installation process. I tried about 50times before I could install windows completely. After that it has been instable system. It crashes every 10-15min, it happens more often when I play games like morrowind and direct if I play CCGenerals, I thought the problem could be the graphicscard but I tried with a friends and had the same problem with that. The strange thing is that it happens even when I have left the computer and its just windows running, it tends to reboot.
This is my system:
SWEEXXEXS (Sweex Xenon XS Miditower 300W ATX (AMD&P4 OK))
GB-LAN Socket478 ATX)
P4S478N53-26R (Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 2.66GHz 512Kb 533MHz Boxed (with cpu-cooler!) Socket 478)
512DDR400 (Standard 512Mb PC3200/DDR400 DDR 184pin 400MHz (AMD OK))
180GXP180 (IBM Deskstar 180GXP 180Gb 7200rpm 8Mb UDMA100 IDE) ASVE616R (ASUS DVD-E616 DVD 16X/48x CD Retail intern IDE)
ASV9280TD (ASUS V9280TD GeForce4 Ti4200-8X 128MB DDR TV-out DVI Retail AGP)
CREAUDPLB (Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Player Firewire bulk PCI)
SAM957DF (Samsung 957DF 19")
KTWLKBMB (Keytronic Wireless RF Multimedia Keyboard + Mouse Black PS/2)

Do someone of you know if there is any incompabiliti problem I got or is perhaps the motherbord corrupt?
Please tell me if you know what to do, or try!
I got these problems signatures in windows:


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