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Original Problem Posted by: Martin on 12/01/2003
My problem is that I cannot run any applications with 3d or opengl, basically no advanced graphics, not even films in mediaplayer.
My configuration is:

AMD xp 2600+
epox 8rga+
2 x 512 mibit pc3200 ddr ram
onboard graphics only (Nforce 2)
win xp sp1

Have tried latest drivers for the nforce, tried out different bios settings, but nothing seems to work. currently I am running the FSB at 333Mhz and the memory at 400Mhz, the computer is otherwise stable.
when the computer restats it complains about a devicedriver. The computer is running at low temp, so I am running out of ideas what might be wrong!

Can somebody please give me some hints and advice?



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