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Original Problem Posted by: Dave on 11/27/2003
I've had bad experiences with two different anti-virus programs. The first was Ontrack's System Suite. After installing it, my computer developed all sorts of weird ticks. I finally took it back to the dealer, where they traced the problem to that Ontrack software. After uninstalling it, everything was fine. Then I tried Norton Internet Security. Boy, that really screwed things up, and it was almost impossible to uninstall. After exchanging several e-mails with Symantec customer service, I think I've managed to get all their software off my machine. Things are now back to normal.

Is there any anti-virus program that doesn't mess things up? And why do some people have no problems with a certain program (like Norton Internet Security), while it causes other people's systems to crash? Is there anything I can do to prevent an anti-virus program from becoming as much as a problem as a virus itself?



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