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Original Problem Posted by: Chris on 11/25/2003
I just bought an old computer and it is really driving me crazy. It is an old 200 mhz with a pentium 1 processor( I can hear you laughing). but here goes anyway. I keep getting fatal exception oe messages and windows has caused a fualt in messages. It is running windows 98 and seems to crash randomly, sometimes at startup sometimes when I do something as simple as move the mouse. My question is this; I have noticed in my device manager that my advanced power support is disabled. I have tried to turn it back on to no avail. Could this be my problem\ and what exactly is advanced power support? Is this a peice of hardware that can be replaced? I only paid $50 for this computer so I really don't want to put a lot of money into it trying to repair it. One thing that maybe I should add is that I was haveing alot of problems out of a program called 'PTsnoop.exe' which from as far as I can tell might have been a trojan. This program was useing 15% of my memory, so I removed it and my system resourses returned to 83%. Could removeing this program have caused some error? Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

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