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Original Problem Posted by: Johan on 07/01/2002
My machine seems to freeze after working fine for a while. The time varies from minutes to hours before it crashes, regardless of the software I'm using - mostly Explorer 6.0 connected to broadband internet provider using an Alcatel USB modem.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional with all the latest updates from the Microsoft download site.

My system configuration is as follows:
AMD 2000+ processor
Abit AT7 legacy free motherboard (Latest BIOS downloaded)
Zalman Flower heatsink
ATI Rodeon 8500LE video card with Dell 17" flat panel monitor
Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard

I have tried everything -
1. Formatted the hard drive and reinstalling Windows.
2. refreshnig the BIOS
3. Reinstalling all the latest drivers downloaded from the respective vendor web sites

Can anybody help?!



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