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Original Problem Posted by: Tim on 09/06/2003
Partition 1 has Windows 2000 Server.
Partition 2 has Windows XP.
Partition 3 was empty.
Partition 4 is used for storage.

Windows 2000 and XP were running fine in a dual-boot setup.
Windows 2003 was installed on Partition 3 successfully.
XP no longer booted.

(Refer to MS KB articles 315233 and 322952.)

Replacing ntldr and in the root directory with the XP versions allowed 2000 to boot but not XP.

Replacing them with the 2003 versions allows 2000 and 2003 to boot, but still not XP.

Booted from XP CD Rom to the recovery console and tried fixboot, but it didn't fix the problem. Also no luck with 2003 fixboot.

Any ideas?


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