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Original Problem Posted by: Damon on 09/06/2003
Hi, this is my system
Asrock K7S8X
AMD 1700+ with Themaltake Volcano 11 cooler unit/fan
MSI 5200 GeForce Graphics card
Creative soundblaster 5.1 live sound card
512Mb DDR ram
400 watt PSU
1x 60 Gb HDD 1x40 Gb HDD
Win XP home edition

Sorry its a bit long winded, but here is my problem.
The PSU MB and Graphics card are all new. The system works fine for all process, EXCEPT when I start to play games. After about 5 - 10 minutes the whole system just shuts down as if the power lead has been pulled out the back. I cannot restart the system for about 45 minutes unless I do pull the power lead out of the back for a few seconds and then re connect it. I have run various programs maxing out the cpu but it does not cause any problems. It only happens when I am playing games. Is it a problem with the graphics card or is it the psu. I have all the latest drivers but I am at my wits end. Any help/suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


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