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Original Problem Posted by: Jatin on 09/05/2003
1) I have A7N266-vm main board with amd processor. and a D-link lan card with boot rom.(ON PCI SLOT)
2) Now i have a dhcp server configured in network.
3) I want a diskless configuration in network.
4) Have select first boot device as lan from BIOS and enable lan boot rom from advance option of BIOS.
5)Then it is giving error code like below.
a) PXE-061 Media test failor,check cable.
b) PXE-mof existing nvida boot agent.
c) disk boot failor,insert system disk and press enter
6) it is not asking for "Boot from Network ( Y / N )? althouth i have boot rom on lan card.
7) Is RPL BootRom and PXE Bootrom device are different physical devices or are same and function are different in one physical device.

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