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Original Problem Posted by: Oscar on 07/09/2003
Background info:
I buyed a ABIT NF-7 motherboard, athlon xp 2000+ cpu, DDR PC-2100 and a 300W case. When I had installed the parts according to the manual with a Geforce 4 mx440 (Daytona/Xelo) AGP graphic card the computer went on but the monitor didn't get any signals so I checked the cable and it was nothing wrong with it, then I tried to move the graphic card a little bit to the left while it still was in the AGP slot and then the monitor recieved signals!! But if the AGP is in it's orginally position then no signals are sended from it...

I taped the graphic card at a working position (a little bit to left or right) and it worked! But then I turned off the computer and left it off for a couple of hours and when I should turn it on again no signals, so I thought that the taped had come off but it hadn't. I tried again to find a position of the graphic card so it should work but after 1 hour I gaved up.


I suspected that the ABIT motherboard had gone broken so I bought a new motherboard a Syntax KT266A. Plugged in same memory module, CPU and the same graphic card but still no signals and no error beeps!!! So I borrowed a CPU from my friend a Duron 1Ghz and plugged it in to the Syntax motherboard (it should be compatible) but only endless amount of error beeps. I have even tried 3 different graphic cards both (Geforce 4 mx440, ATI Radeon, Geforce mx5200) on both of the motherboards but I can't get any signals from it, I even tried to plug in the Duron CPU into the ABIT motherboard but with the same result (endless amount of error beeps).

The question and my wonderings is why it doesn't comes any beeps when I have the Athlon XP processor plugged in (and still something got to be wrong!), but it does when I have the Duron? What could be wrong I know that the graphic cards are working and the Duron CPU and both of the new motherboards can't be broken.

The computer powerup both with the Athlon and the Duron processor and the cpu fan is working!

Could it be wrong type of memory module, the computer should post anyway shouldn't it?

Please could someone help me, what could possibly be wrong?

// Oscar


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