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Original Problem Posted by: Gilgam on 07/03/2003
I'm a teacher and i got 8 old Dells without cd drives from a company. First I want to boot, well it loads PXE which says PXE-061 : Media Test Failure, check cable. So I move to the boot sequence. Sequence is a:, c: and PXE. my hard drive is on IDE1, is cable select. I tried every configuration between IDE1, IDE2, master, slave, cable select. I put a cd drive on IDE2, nothing happens. I put the cd drive on IDE1 (slave) with the hard drive on master, the Win 98 CD loads and tells me to install Win98 or to boot from the hard drive,
When I choose first case, a short listing appears then it tells me no hard drive is available. When I choose second case, well PXE loads again and goes on with PXE-061.

I even tried with two other PCs, I switched the cables, tried with newer ones...nothing improves. So as I don't think that these 3 hard drives are dead, what the f am i gonna do? Should I use a hammer?


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