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Original Problem Posted by: Travelbum24 on 05/27/2003
Have a hp monitor running win98 se and aol 8.0
I am constantely getting errors like the following:

When closing..Fatal Exception 06 occurred at E7D6:00000DEA..Had to manually shut down.
While scrolling(AOL)..Fatal Exception OE occurred at 0028:C0008294 in VXD VMM (01)+
Turned on then ..Fatal Exception OE at 0028:C0013677 in VXD VMM (01)+
00012677 current application will be terminated...(phone line still connected to AOL)
A couple of times after turning on, computer froze up between waterfalls and welcome
to AOL..
Also a couple of times (you did an illegal operation) came up... could not shut down the computer,had to manually shut down...
I feel it might possible be because of an old monitor.
Trying to find software drivers but to no avail.
Should I get a new monitor?

Thanks so much. I will get the monitor numbers and get back


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