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Original Problem Posted by: Chris on 05/14/2003
Well, it happened to me too.. I read all the messages regarding this problem, but no answers. I am running winXP and all 4 of my HD's are converted to NTFS.. now my hal.dll file is missing/corrupted. Hence my problem, i cannot access my HD's at all, so how can I even try to repair this problem?! The only way I can think of is to install a new HD that has XP already installed into my system then boot and copy the missing files to the old HD, then swap again, but this would take a lot of time and energy. I am not sure if Microsoft is just too dumb to be allowed to continue making software, or is this my fault?! I mean where is the darn startup disk that allows me to see NTFS partitions and CD-ROM so I can easily fix this!? For crying out loud, I am loosing my mind here. If there is any help out there, please help.. And please, no "install this" or "type this" cuz I cannot even get to a prompt, the safe mode doesn't work cuz of the hal.dll file, and no startup disk will work due to NTFS problem.

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