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Original Problem Posted by: tony on 04/30/2003
i am running Win98Se on a 1ghz computer. Ever since i switched to win98Se i havent been able to open volume control. ive gone into the windows setup, removed it, and reinstalled it after shutting down, and still no volume control panel even though i have the selection in start-programs-accesories-entertainment . my sound card seems to be working though, with my speakers volume turned up, i hear static, which i do not hear when the computer is turned off, or when i uninstalled my sound card stuff.. the sound card itself is a Creative Labs knock-off i guess, model CT-4810, SND-CL AUDPCI, which when windows tries to acknowledge its presence, installs the win98 25 cab file i believe.. So i dont know if my sound card is even working, becuase i have no volume control panel, and i dont know if everyhting is muted or what, can anyone help me get sound back? my email is

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