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Original Problem Posted by: Joe on 04/21/2003
Booted the machine this morning and everything seemed to be loading fine. Typical Window Screen shot with the blue/white bar scrolling across the bottom of the screen and then just when Windows should complete loading I get fatal exception 017F:BFF72170 Any idea what is could be?

Did the 3 finger solute, machine booted in safe mode, then shut down and started again fine.

I never had this problem and I am a little worried since the machine is about 3 years old and I run it 13 hours a day 6 days a week. It is a 300Mhz with 2 SCSI drive and 512K of ram.

Hope to get a new PC in another month or two with XP Pro but need this one to last me a little longer. Any help / insight of what is with this fatal exception would be appreciated.


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