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Original Problem Posted by: Greg on 03/21/2003
I've reformatted all 27 hard drives in the school's computer lab. They are pentium celron (sp). All loaded well... accept for one. It copies all files, it installs them, and then on booting up while the clouds are on the screen, the whole system hangs with an

Msgsrv32 Error message.

Close or Ignore are your options. I've tried both. I've reformatted and reinstalled about five (5) times. It always hangs at the same place, it is the only computer out of twenty seven (27) that has done this (they are all identical computers). After the original error message others come and go. ME never loads/runs even after shutting down and booting up again.

Error 0e : 0167 : bff8e64b
Module GDI.EXE at 0001 : 00002ffc
After reboot I got- 0d : 043f : 00002982

Anybody got any answers?



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