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Original Problem Posted by: Monica on 02/18/2003
Hi. I've posted this on an AOL message board, no replies.. Asked an AOL Tech.. NO HELP.. searched websites.. and that's how I found this website... So, hopefully someone here can help me out! =)

I'm using 8.0 and when I click on setup on my buddy list and then click on perferences I get an error about a stack fault in manager.dll and it kicks me offline. Also, if I go in from my favorites, it doesn't give me an error. When I click on something, it gives me the hour glass and just idles. I have unstalled and reinstalled AOL about 3 times, and it still does it. I also noticed when I check the error log, it lists this:
Error1=21:59:29 02/18/03 5 : CHAT.TOL 0001:00018dd8
Error2=21:59:29 02/18/03 4 : CHAT.TOL 0001:00018e2f
Error3=21:59:29 02/18/03 3 : CHAT.TOL 0001:00018b15
Error4=21:59:29 02/18/03 2 : MANAGER.DLL 0001:000015b2
Error5=21:59:29 02/18/03 1 : MANAGER.DLL 0001:0001ff55

The AOL Tech said it WAS my system resources, but they always say that when something is wrong, ah typical AOL.. but I still have 6.0 on my computer and that works fine! If anyone knows what I could do to get my preferences to work, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! and I can't get rid of it, even though I'd like to... my grandmother also shares the computer with me =)


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