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Original Problem Posted by: Jos on 07/14/2002

You have been thinking about AutoLISP. You want to
start programming in AutoLISP. But you don't know the
programming language.

What are you going to do? Are you goiung to buy a book
and use the high price book for stuying AutoLISP? Or
are you going to take an expensive course.

Allow me to make a suggestion. Get started with
AutoLISP for FREE. Yes. That's right. For FREE. You
don't have to spend money.

The ACAD Newsletter started with a new section. The
section is called "Getting Started with AutoLISP". Why
did they pick that name?

That section is for people who want to learn how to
program in AutoLISP and who know nothing about
AutoLISP. So anybody can follow the section.

Still we move quickly forward. After only a couple of
articles in the section you'll be able to write your
own application.

The ACAD Newsletter already started with that secion.
But you can download old issues of the ACAD Newsletter
from its archive.

This is where you can find the archive of the ACAD

But maybe you can wait a day or two. Because all ACAD
Newsletter of the second quarter of this will are put in
a PDF file.

You can download the PDF file from the ACAD Newsletter
web site at YAHOO GROUPS. This is the web site address
where you can find it:

Have a look at the web site. There is a lot you can
download from there. You'll find there a couple of very
nice AutoLISP programs.

On the web site is the PROFILE applciation. You can
use it to draw profiles. And there is also a PIPING
applciation on the web site.

But let's get back to business. You want to learn
AutoLISP and you want to learn it for FREE. Take action
then. Subscribe to the ACAD Newsletter.

Send a blank e-mail to:


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