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Original Problem Posted by: Geno on 01/03/2003
I recently starting having a problem with my Compaq Presario 5000 with ME operating sys. I have AOL broadband DSL. I had problems with the computer just locking up while on line. And would have to cut power to restart my pc. I ran MacAfee viruscan and found a bugbear virus and a hooker virus someone had infected my pc with. I ran clean and it said it deleted four of the files but the four other had clean errors. They were in the Restore\systems part of the hard drive. So I went on line to MacAfee and they recommended that I use a stinger for that specific virus. I did I Disabled my restore function of my pc so it would clean those files so as not to reinfect the pc. It cleaned it up fine. The pc seemed to be fine was not even locking up for a day or so. I power up my pc one morning and tried to log on to AOL. It start like normal then acted like it was about to connect and it gave me the windows blue screen of death. It said to hit enter to return to windows. I did this and it gave me an Install error in kernel.32.DLL.the pc locked up. After several attempts at this I uninstalled AOL and tried to reinstall it. When I put in the AOL broadband cd it starts to run and Bam!! Windows blue screen of death. With a PPPMAC (04) error. I loaded AOL 7.0 on my pc and used dial up modem it will work. I even tried to download AOL online. And still canít get it to work. Any help would really be appreciate Thank s geno

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