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Original Problem Posted by: Debbie on 12/28/2002
My problem is that everytime I try to play my Might & Magic Game, Loony Land,or Doom II. I get an Exception OE error @ 0028C18927DB in VxD Dsound 03 + 0000220B,
This was called form 0028C14ECE77 in VxD Dsound 01 + 00000697

or I get an CPQEADM caused an invalid page fault in Module Kernel32.DLL@ 0167:bff74347

I put the game cd in, I get to where I can finally start playing the game and then poof it either goes back to my windows with this error
or my computer lock up and I have to shut it down by pressing the main switch.

If anyone has any suggestions how I can fix this problem, or can help me I would sure like to hear you. Thank you for your time.


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