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Original Problem Posted by: Z0diac on 12/26/2002
I read some of the post about comp freezing but none of that help.
Pardon me for being long winded but here is my story.

I am running on a athlon 1.4, 512mb ram, geforce 2 GTS, creative sb live, 2 HD, 1 cd rom, 1 floppy drive, 1 network card, 2 extra casing fan, P/S2 keyboard, 1 usb mouse, 1 usb webcam, 1 usb pad. All drivers are updated to the latest provide by the respective maunfactorers, except i never update any of the motherboard bios, just the graphics, network and sound card drivers.

With the above system i am running in a 350 watts power supply, when my brother was playing game, the whole system went blank, and he ask me to see whats the problem i check the power, trying to on the comp but no respond so i guess is the power supply problem.

So I get a new one 400 watts, so i installed it, everything was running smoothly until he play game again( note: i test it by playing a game as well but nothing happen) then the whole thing shutdown again, and again no power when i try to power it up. So i guess is the power supply newly purchased is dead.

So i assume is the power supply fault so i go and exchange for a new one, the shopkeeper test the power supply and determint that the power supply 400watts i just bought from him is dead, so he exchange one for me, but after series of testing which one is working, finally he found one that is working, but I and him don't know its a 300 watts power supply. So during my way home i take a look at it and found out its a 300 watts, so i am thinking anyway let me try it to see if the power supply will go dead again when i install it. So after installing it until now where i am typing this help message the system is running ok. BUT sometimes when i start up the computer it will freeze at the desktop when loading other programs which is not that often, but once i am at the desktop with everything up it will not freeze at all, so i can do all my stuff like checking emails and surfing net. But once i try to play games, it will 100% freeze for sure just a matter of time. The longest time i can run a game is for about 30 mins, and the games are in 3D, i can play other games like chess which is in 2d mode with no problem not full screen as it don't allow full screen, but i don't think full screen or window screen is the problem. I want to change the 300watts back to 400watts but the shopkeeper say he don't have any more stocks yet, so here i am trying to find out if it is really the power supply problem.

So here i want to know does my system from 350watts becoming 300watts will contribute to the freezing of the comp when i am playing games?
The comp occasionally freeze at desktop when loading up other programs in desktop, but will surely freeze during when i play games.
When i am playing game it freezes, sometimes it will give a long continous beep nothing else, most of the time it don't.
I am not able to press ctrl alt del to reboot, there is no exceptional error or other msgs, it just freeze


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