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Original Problem Posted by: Agneta on 12/16/2002
Hi again,

The error message I got before:
"Exception error 0D at 0028:00000003 in VXD. called from 0028:C002F285 in VXD"
have now disappeared after I have followed your instructions how to disable USB in the device manager.
I would love to get help how to disable the motherboard USB permanently.
I have a Dell Dimension 4100.

From: Computerpilot on 12/05/2002

This is a USB/VIA chipset issue.
Try disabling USB in your device manager. See if this stops your error message. If probably have to ditch your motherboard or permanantly disable USB (from the motherboard) and get a inexpensive USB PCI card. Good time to upgrade to v2.0!

Post back if you need want instructions on how to disable your motherboard USB.



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