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Original Problem Posted by: Wayne on 12/13/2002
when I'm in internet explorer or outlook express, I notice that when I hit the shift key, it toggles me back to the first page I had opened. For instance, when I have internet explorer open, and then check my email in outlook, if I try to send a letter and use the shift key to capitalize something, it toggles me out of outlook, and back to the previous page. I checked the keyboard out when both of these programs are closed, and it works fine. I opened up wordpad and ms works and the shift key worked fine. But if I had internet explorer opened up and tried to type something in ms word, the moment I use the shift key, it toggles me back to internet explorer. It sounds like a hotkey program has somehow installed?? Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix this? Thanks for any help you could give. Sincerely,



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