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Original Problem Posted by: Larry on 12/09/2002
Counterpilot, Thank you for your interest in my problem. I have disabled everything that I am allowed in device manager. I have even tried a selective boot through System Config Utility. I figured that I'd uncheck each box one by one till I could locate the error. Didn't work got the error each time I rebooted. I re-installed ME due to the virus I had was replecating and infecting exe files. Norton would quarantine and be unable to fix them. To beat the virii I changed files extensions and scanned to located the real imposters. I deleted the imposters. I t was only a select few that were dups of others. Once this was completed I changed the file extensions back BUT I lost several files due to the quaratine and ultimate deletion by Norton. This is why I had to re-install ME. I would have chosen a different way to import drivers and sys files had I know what was deleted. I didn't realize this would cause the drive to go nutty. Never had a problem like this with any other Windows OS. The other message error I was getting is OD 0246 015F47FB, which I have since learned is as a result of IE. I don't really beleive this but I'll try.
I must admit that there was no problem with the re-install originally. Once online Windows on it's own took me to the update page and I figured sure, no big deal right? I'll update and download security patches. Once all the updates had completed their download I started getting a "system busy!" blue screen. Then I re-installed again figuring their was a conflict that would be undone. All I had to do was agree to keep the older file being processed than the newer one. Wrong!

As for your guess of the 'over-install' and conflicting settings in the registry (that was probably over-written) or the Kernel files were not changed, I do not know about how to go about hecking, changing or even where to find these issue to explore. How can one undo an 'over-install?'

Does any of this help you? Any other questions as to my situation? Don't ask you know everything, even what I beleive to be trivial. I'm not tryng to be mean I just have nothing more to give in the way of information. Thanks once again for all your help and interest.


PS I did this orignally as a reply but figured you'd never see
that. Why would you go back after you'd answer it previously?
If this was wrong I am sorry and obviously new to the
ettiquette of this type of board. Please accept my apology.


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