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Original Problem Posted by: Ken on 11/30/2002
I went to close Interner Explorer earlier today and I got an error message saying it could not close and when I finally got it to close I got this : Fatal Eception OE 0028:C000BD89 in VXD VMM(01) + 0000AD89

Now add this to my previous message from a few days ago :
I went to play a game I have not played for a while and this is the error I get . When I first tried to play the game I had to re-install it which was wierd because I never did anything to get rid of it, and I got this Fatal exception OE : 0028:C18884EE in VXD Riptide(03) + 000024EE then I un-installed the game , re-installed it and now I get the 0028:00000017 error .
And I think I have a real mess going on here , HELP ! My OS is Windows 98 , and I have a Intel 810 chipset video card.


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