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Original Problem Posted by: Brad on 11/23/2002
Was trying to find the cause of an explorer caused invalid page fault in module user.dll on my mothers pc. Brought it home and hooked up to my monitor. Pc found new hardware and I was trying to resolve the problem. I needed some more info so I rehooked up the monitor to my pc and did some searching on the web. Returned monitor to my mothers pc and now the monitor is not being found. I am not getting any input to the monitor at all. My mother has a off brand store built pc. There is an alarm sound coming from the speaker that is mounted in the pc cabinet. A short burst of sound then the pc power shuts off. I pulled the side and checked the connections and everything appears to be tight. I have repeated the experience several times and still no video. The cable and monitor is working fine with my pc. The operating system is windows 98 second version on both pcs. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Brad

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