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Original Problem Posted by: Shannon on 11/18/2002
my computer freezes randomly, about every few hours. i built it myself, athlonxp 1600 (1.4ghz), thermaltake dragon orb3, asus a7v266, 512mb crucial ram, 80gb 7200rpm western digital hd, asus v8460 geforce4 ti 4600 128mb ram, sound blaster platinum w/live drive, dual moniters, acer 56x cdrom drive, sony 24x/10x/40x cd-rw drive
it runs windows 2k pro, this problem starts about a month ago, and it is becoming more frequent, it always freezes during the night, because i like to leave it on 24hrs a day. ive tried closing pretty much all the nonessential programs, updating my 4-in-1 drivers, and flashing a updated bios
i am not overclocking, and my cpu temp is 46C

if someone could give me a hand, id be really grateful. thanks


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