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Original Problem Posted by: AvB. on 11/07/2002
Hi everybody!

The pc I have this problem with is a 233 amd k6 on a m575 board by pcchips. It has 192 mb sdram (64mb pc66 noname + 128mb pc133cl2@66mhz by infineon). The 2nd module is a new one. The graphic card is matrox mystique 4mb. I've win98se installed, along with aol 7.0 and Norton Internet Security 2003. I had some other problems with the system, so all the stuff has been installed onto an empty hard drive. The drivers are the newest ones I've found along the net (it's actually not my pc)

From time to time I get this bloody bluescreen when shutting down windows.

Could this issue have something to do with these 2 different ram modules on one board? I mean, cl2 and so... Or has anyone some other ideas? Would appreciate any help.

Thx, AvB. mailto:


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