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Original Problem Posted by: chris on 11/06/2002
Ok hi :-)
I have just downgraded my computer from xp to ME after finding out that xp was useless and rather user unfriendly..
but ever since and my computer WAS originally packaged with ME ive found ME to be the most unstable product on earth
i have problems turning my computer on getting the following error's frequently :-

0e - 018f - bff7b018

Or if ive had my computer on a lil longer it sometimes just goes off saying :-

exeption error in - 0e - 0028 - c00120ea vxd --- calling {or summit like that} 0e - 0028 - dee4fc0
then it says it can recover u attempt recovery and get the error

O6 - e4a1 000018d1

This as u can probably imagine makes me think.....lots of non child rated post thoughts, makes me swear worse than a fictional robert deniro's love child with tourettes syndrome and is also making my girlfreind want to divorce me.
If anyone on earth can tell me what the hell is going on and hell maybe even have a solution or even send me in the right direction id be so damn greatfull.
so please if u understand all that crap up there {and i know alot of ppl on the net your all really for the cause aint ya} then please HELP!


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