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Original Problem Posted by: Nate on 03/28/1999
If you need to change an IRQ, here's some quick info:

(figure -> means "then select")

Goto menu "Start->Settings->Control Panel" select icon "System" -> tab "Device Manager"

Double-click on the device you want to change

Select "Resources" menu tab.

Select the box for "Interrupt Request".

You should no be able to use the "Change Settings" button.

See "Edit Interrupt Request" and watch below box to see if something else is already using that IRQ

Also, some devices such as serial ports use "Input/Output Range", you must set those according to each IRQ.

Some devices won't let you change these settings, and for PnP devices they sometimes change IRQ's for each boot up, unless you change your BIOS settings for PnP use.

For PCI Buss cards, each slot is assigned its own IRQ, you can assign them in your BIOS set up, be careful when you are doing that, write down all your current working IRQ's and keep trach of them.


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