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Original Problem Posted by: Nancy on 05/25/1999
For two years I ran Word for Windows 95 (Word 7.0) on a Dell 200 MHz Pentium computer with 64 MB of RAM without any problems. During the last few months, Iíve noticed that my computer was slowing down and even freezing. This degradation in performance appears to be triggered by closing a Word document although it doesnít happen every time I close a Word document.

Using a process viewer, I discovered that there can be as many as 7 copies of WINWORD.EXE (32-bit, one thread, base priority=normal) continuing to run on my computer after I have closed all my word processing documents. However, my Norton for Windows95 CPU monitor can show 100% of CPU cycles taken up if even one copy of WINWORD.EXE is still running after Iíve closed the Word document I was working on. I am not trying to multi-task when this glitch occurs.

Reinstalling Word for Windows 95 hasnít fixed the problem. The only thing that works is rebooting the computer. (The system invariably hangs when I first try to reboot from the keyboard. I have to press the reboot button on my PC to make the reboot happen.) Then the problem begins all over again when I close a Word document. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?


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