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Original Problem Posted by: Roger on 01/08/2000
Everthing was working fine on my computer until I tried
to upgrade my modem firmware. Lucent Win Modem v 5.49 to v 5.66. I have always had problems with my modem speed, usually connects at 21000bps. From what I have read I should get atleast in the 40000's. Well no luck. Anyway the software upgrade did not work so well. I finally did get my modem to work, but now my joystick does not work. It works in a DOS base program but not in windows 98. I have tried every conceivable solution to solve my problem. I was on the phone a long time with tech help (computer manufacture) with no luck. Here is what I have done.

1. Deleted my joystick and rebooted to let windows solve my problem. No luck. It reinstalled the joystick but I can't use it. Went to Settings,Control Panel,Game Controllers and tried to select my joystick (CH Flightstick) It will not add it. Nothing happens. Went to Settings,Control Panel,System,Device Manager,Sound Video Game Controllers and it was there. It says it is working with no problems. But I can't select or activate my joystick.

2. I upgraded my drivers for my joystick. It was using one that was supplied with windows 98. I changed it to one that best suited my sound card (Crystal PNP Audio System) and it installed it. Went to Settings,Control Panel,Game Controllers and selected CH Flightstick. It added it and then I calibrated it. All was working fine. I went into a game and selected the joystick and checked to see if it was working. It was. Started the game and no joystick. Went back to Game Controllers under the Control panel and the CH Flightstick said not connected. Got it working again and went into another program and got the same result.

Please help, sorry about the long post.


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