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Original Problem Posted by: Joe on 04/14/2000
There are over 15 computers on our network (NT server) that reboot randomly. Sometimes it is during an application, sometimes it is when the user is away from the desk. Sometimes, it is during the rebooting process.

The computer type varies. Some are Compaq's, some are Gateway's. Some have Windows 95, while others have Windows 98. Some have Pentium I, some II, and one has Pentium III.

The computers are not all on the same curcuit.

Some of the problem computers have UPS backup batteries connected to them, while others don't. The backup batteries don't seem to stop the computers from rebooting randomly.

One would think the problem is in the computer, but the computers vary so much...

One would then think the problem is a power problem, but then why doesn't a charged bacup battery do any good?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas at all would be GREATLY appreciated.

Could it be a virus that is being spread through the network? What do you think?


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