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Original Problem Posted by: Erin on 07/29/2000
Several months ago, we got a new computer and gave my brother our old one. It was a Packard Bell Pentium that we had bought new in 1995. While we had it, we never had a problem with it. When I gave it to my brother, I deleted AOL and my husband's work files off it and that was all. Unfortunately, my brother was not able to hook it up for some months, so it sat in his house unused. He hooked it up a couple of weeks ago and found that all he could get on it is an orange light on the monitor (the light should be green). He doesn't live near to me so we've been trying to work this out via phone. I've never had a computer crash on me before (knock on wood!). I feel stupid asking this question because you all seem to know so much more about computers than me, but does this sound like a computer crash? Thank you!

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