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Original Problem Posted by: faye on 08/20/2000
Help!!! My new laptop's windows 98 'crashed' after I did not shut down windows properly (the screen 'blacked out' so I had to just turn off the switch after no response)... So I tried to start the computer again in the windows 'safe mode' but after waiting for it to los\ad, there's this error messge that appears:

"An internal stacks overflow has caused this session to be halted. Change the stacks setting in your config sys file and then try again"
followed by this message:
"While initializing device VKD
Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer"
Then the screen just freezes there and even the ctrl-alt-del command doesnot work.
The thing is now I can access MS DOS, but not windows 98. It really sucks 'coz I have many important graphics files which I failed to back-up but really need to save them into floppy thru MS DOS now. I just don't know how to go about zipping them so that they can fit into the 1.4 floppy, and also how to go about retrieving windows again. Please help me anyone! Your kindness is very much appreciated.



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