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Original Problem Posted by: Wes on 12/11/2000
I keep getting this blue screen error when alt-tabbing out of a game (Red Alert 2) and then back into the game. The blue screen comes up, and after I hit enter a couple of times it brings up my windows screen, now changed from 1152 x 864 into 1024 x 640 mode. From there I can change it back, but am unable to do anything but shutdown my computer. I have a Micron PIII 700 mhz. I have 128 sdram with a Nvidia Geforce 256 Agp and an aureal pci sound card. Im using the nvidia detonator 3. Im pretty sure this is a video related problem. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as Ive been toiling with this problem for nearly a week now. If you could email me with any suggest at I would appreciate it, thanks!



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