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Original Problem Posted by: Ranjan on 12/23/2000
I have a P 120 MHZ , 32 mb of ram , Vtech / PC Partner mboard model no MB500N . 1.7 gb HDD .running WIN 95 .
I was having problems with the hdd , so I decided to remove the old one and put a new one , the shop guy told me to flash upgrade the bios inorder for the bios to recognise the new disk , after checking for the right bios file and m'board model no , I flashed the bios , on rebooting it , the system cannot even find the old HDD , though it looks for one , and also does not even look for cd drive and then gives a floppy disk failure .On pressing F1 I am avle to go to the the point where it says " updating espd" the ssays HDD failure . and hangs , please help as I am totally unable to access my system .

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