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Original Problem Posted by: Luke on 12/21/2000
Win98SE (at least I used to)
AMD K6-2 450 running at 350 (I clocked it down)
128 MB RAM
Guillemot Cougar 32 MG PCI Video
PC-100 M598 motherboard

I'm getting a BSOD during Windows 98 Second edition setup; it gets all the way through the file copying before rebooting (it returned an internal protection error) and then finally getting back to Win98Setup, where it gives a BSOD VxD Configmg(7) error while detecting PnP hardware. Where the heck is the 7 coming from? Is that my IRQ or DMA or what? Any ideas?

Also, is there a site which has an index of 98SE BSODs, illegal operations, etc?

Could you also clarify:
BSOD is hardware or BIOS?
Illegal operation is software?

Thank you.


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