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Original Problem Posted by: Martin on 08/04/2002
Am running a Tiny PIII - 600, 256MB RAM, Radeon 64MB Vid card.
Computer started becoming unstable, progressing to the dreaded blue screen of death after a week. Usual messages - OD/OE message in VxD.....

Tried restoring to factory default usung restore pack - no joy.
Restarted computer in MS-DOS using start disk, did a reformat of C drive, reinstalled Windows 98SE and still no joy. Computer still decides to either throw up a blue screen at random or it will just decide to re-boot itself!! Have even tried a different HDD starting with a clean Windows instal each time - still crashing!

I suspect a hardware problem but anybody any ideas which bit it may be? Or would it just be easier to replace the motherboard.


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