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Original Problem Posted by: Fred on 02/06/2001
I am using windows ME. It is a Compaq Presario, 833 processor, 256 ram, pentium 3. My problem is when I shut down my Netscape Browser...I get this message: "Netscape caused a error in Kernal32.Dll. will now shut down" the thing is, usually I just close the box and restart the browser, but lately when I try and close the window it just keeps popping right up over and over, like a endless loop. ctrl+alt+delete doesn't work to shut it down, I have to go to the start icon on the toolbar, then shut down but then it freezes when I click on end I have to shut down by turning the off button on the processor. I have used the maintenance wizard to check for errors, defragment, speed up freq. programs, and I have ran virus scans, and nothing has helped. If anyone could help it would be gratly appreciated.

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